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  1. Bicycle-Share System / 





Bike-sharing services  operated by platforms such as Mobike and ofo 
have become an effective solution to the “last mile” problem for urban
commuters, many of whom  use them to cover the distance between subway
station or bus stops and office or home. Bicycles are made available for
shared use to individuals on a very short term basis, and for many
systems, smartphone mapping apps show nearby stations with available
bikes and open docks.


  Private cars used to be a luxury for most Chinese people, while
today they can be seen everywhere in China as an indispensable part of
life。 Not only do people drive to and from work, but they often travel
by car。 In some cities, the growth of cars is so fast that the
problems of traffic jams and lack of parking space become more severe。
The municipal governments of these cities therefore have to introduce
new rules to limit the number of cars on the road。 Also, the
increasingly serious air pollution has driven more consumers to choose
new energy vehicles, so the Chinese government has taken some measures
to support the development of new energy vehicles。 (117)


  2018.6.16 六级翻译第1篇最早的小说:

Bike-sharing services have boomed since the middle of last year and
swept across country in just a few months. 

bicycle-sharing /sharing bike /shared bikes 分享单车




Once known as the “Kingdom of Bicycles”, China has experience in bicycle

bicycle /bike /cycle 自行车

  China currently has the world’s largest and fastest high-speed
railway network。 The speed of high-speed trains will continue to
increase, and more cities will build high-speed railway stations。
High-speed rail greatly reduces travel time。 Compared with aircraft,
high-speed trains boast the outstanding advantage of punctuality,
because they are hardly affected by weather or traffic control。 The
high-speed train has greatly changed Chinese people’s way of life。
Today, it has become the preferred means of transport for many people
on business trips。 Also, a growing number of people travel by
high-speed trains during holidays。 Many young people even choose to
work in a city and live in a nearby city, commuting by them。 (112)



Bicycles are the easiest way to get about.

ride a bicycle /take a ride /cycling /cycle /bicycle /bike 骑单车




Bike-sharing services can serve people very well, considering that the
underground system in this city is still under construction, which has
to block many roads and worsen the already terrible traffic.  So, these
bikes are welcome  to the public considering that it can be very cheap.
Furthermore, people are doing exercising while peddling and can make
some contribution to environmental This is more like shooting a few
birds with one stone
. 一本万利

park 停车

  Bicycles were once the most important means of transport in China‘s
urban and rural areas, which made China “the kingdom of bike。”
Nowadays, as urban traffic congestion and air pollution become more
serious, cycling has gained popularity again。 Recently, Chinese
entrepreneurs, combining mobile Internet technology with traditional
bicycles, invented a business model called shared bicycles。 The advent
of shared bicycles makes cycling more convenient, for a shared bicycle
can be used anytime with one mobile phone alone。 In order to encourage
people to travel by bike, many cities have built bicycle lanes。 Now,
more Chinese people also like to exercise by cycling。 (102)



The central concept of these systems is to provide free or affordable
access to bicycles for short-distance trips in an urban area as an
alternative to motorized public transport or private vehicles, thereby
reducing traffic congestion, noise, and air pollution.

Bluegogo 小蓝单车




It is also in line with the government’s philosophy of green, sharing
and innovative development.

Ofo bicycle 小黄车



It would be really nice to see China become a kingdom of bikes again.
This will undoubtedly help address the urgent air pollution and
meanwhile help improve public health. But still a lot more measures
should be taken  by both the government and public before desirable
goals are achieved.

Mobike 摩拜单车



From my personal perspective, it’s pretty risky to ride a bike in
Chinese cities. Things are probably much better  in  some big cities.

应用程式 应用程序(全名为application)



The business model of station-less bikes is designed to help urban
commuters the “last mile” more effiiently. To protect users’ legal
interests, ensuring their bikes  are in satisfactory  condition is the
least  the bike providers can do.

unlock the smart lock 解开智能锁



Apart from building more parking lots and bicycle lanes, the government
should also, for instance, ask the bike-sharing operators to record
user’s irresponsible behavior and deduct points from offenders’ personal
credit records.

timer 计时器



Reports of all kinds bad behavior:

① lock up the bike or take it home , so that no one else can use them.

②  theft

③ Users illegally parking ;disorderly parking 乱停车

④ A huge number of bikes simply disappear or are badly damaged 

⑤ Some bikes are misused by children

⑥ The bikes are targeted by fraudsters 骗子

⑦ rising maintenance costs



user 用户



smartphone 智能手机



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