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China’s capital, Beijing, has announced measures to combat worsening air
pollution, state-run media report.

Words and Phrases


原本望文生义以为是“远程给药”,实际应该翻译为“远程医疗”。因为medicine本身除了药物之外,就有治疗的意思:Medicine is
the treatment of illness and injuries by doctors and nurses.

Thanks to IT, patients can now have telemedicine at home.


You use predictive to describe something such as a test, science,
or theory that is concerned with determining what will happen in the
future. (FORMAL)


Input methods use predictive texting to show the words you are likely
to type.

a host of

■a large number of something    许多,大量

There’s a whole host of reasons why he didn’t get the

I always have a host of things to complain about.

cardiac arrest

Cardiac means relating to the heart. (MEDICAL)

cardiac arrest is a heart attack. (MEDICAL)

The prisoner’s death was attributed to a cardiac arrest.

cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

A method used to keep someone alive in a medical emergency, in which
you blow into their mouth then press on their chest and then repeat
the process    心肺复苏

to administer/perform CPR   实施心肺复苏

cardiopulmonary 与心肺有关的 from cardio-(pertaining to the
the lungs)

If you resuscitate someone who has stopped breathing, you cause
them to start breathing again.

We should brush up on cardiopulmonary resuscitation every year.

help doctors with grubby hands to take notes and to request scans

grubby person or object is rather dirty.

If you call an activity or someone’s behaviour grubby, you mean
that it is not completely honest or respectable.

我的理解是帮助有grubby hands的医生来做笔记和要求做扫描,就是说grubby

one manifestation of a drive to disrupt an industry that has so
far largely failed to deliver on the potential of digital

If you say that something is manifest, you mean that it is clearly
true and that nobody would disagree with it if they saw it or
considered it. (FORMAL) =patent

If you manifest a particular quality, feeling, or illness, or if
it manifests itself, it becomes visible or obvious. (FORMAL)

manifestation of something is one of the different ways in which
it can appear. (FORMAL)

Shared bike is a manifestation of sharing economy.

drive is a special effort made by a group of people for a
particular purpose. =campaign

The ANC is about to launch a nationwide recruitment drive…

A long walk for an egg is a drive to raise money for children in the
rural area.

deliver DO STH YOU SHOULD DO 做应该做的事, [I,T] to do or
provide the things you are expected to, because you are responsible
for them or they are part of your job  履行职责(承诺); 兑现: 

The company will deliver on its promises. 该公司将兑现承诺。

As a party member, you should deliver on your vow.

gather pace

( = happen more quickly ) 加快速度

Enemy’s penetration is gathering pace.

Eliminating a fraction of this sum

fraction 分数(几分之几)

fraction of something is a tiny amount or proportion of it.

I opened my eyes just a fraction.

Could you just stop playing games for a fraction of second and grab
something to eat?

sift data on outcomes for patients

(EXAMINE)/sɪft/ verb[T] to make a close examination of all the parts
of something in order to find something or to separate what is useful
from what is not

Big data is not equivalenc to tremendous amount of raw data, which
must be sifted.

Fitbits are frequently derided for ending up in the back of a drawer

If you deride someone or something, you say that they are stupid
or have no value. (FORMAL)

Today, warm-hearted people are derided as fools.

The startup is a good hedge for Sanofi…

Something that is a hedge against something unpleasant will
protect you from its effects.

Insurance is a good hedge for injuries in your tour.

blockbuster insulin medication

blockbuster is a film or book that is very popular and
successful, usually because it is very exciting. (INFORMAL)

Wolverine 3 is a recent blockbuster.

insulin 胰岛素

Diabetics are dependent on insulin.

that are most lucrative in commercial system

lucrative activity, job, or business deal is very profitable.

Internet business is very lucrative nowadays.

inpatient stays in hospitals

inpatient /ˈɪn.peɪ.ʃənt/ noun[C] a person who goes into hospital
to receive medical care, and stays there one or more nights while they
are being treated 住院病人 also an adjective.

More and more illnesses don’t need to take inpatient treatment.

outpatient /ˈaʊt.peɪ.ʃənt/ noun[C] a person who goes to a
hospital for treatment, but who does not stay any nights there

The week-long smog has caused the surge of respiratory outpatients.

demand for mammograms

mammogram is a test used to check whether women have breast
cancer, using x-rays.

Greekgramma”that which is drawn; a picture, a drawing; that which is
written, a character, an alphabet letter, written letter, piece of

spells in hospital

(PERIOD)/spel/ noun[C] a period of time for which an activity or
condition lasts continuously

Students are required to join a two-week spell of military training.

carried around by doctors and nurses

carry around字面意思就是带着到处跑,也就是随身携带

Computers are now small enough to carry around.

detect concussions

If you suffer concussion after a blow to your head, you lose
consciousness or feel sick or confused. 脑震荡

… for use as a contraceptive

contraceptive is a device or drug that prevents a woman from
becoming pregnant. 也可作形容词。

predict the onset of Alzheimer’s /’æltshaɪmərz/, Parkinson’s or even
the menopause /m’enəpɔːz/

The onset of something is the beginning of it, used especially to
refer to something unpleasant. = start

The conflict was the onset of a war of eight years.

The menopause is the time during which a woman gradually stops
menstruating, usually when she is about fifty years old.

regulations on health data are less onerous

If you describe a task as onerous, you dislike having to do it
because you find it difficult or unpleasant. (FORMAL)

Looking after a baby is onerous, let alone twins.

A GP is a doctor who does not specialize in any particular area of
medicine, but who has a medical practice in which he or she treats all
types of illness. GP is an abbreviation for `general practitioner’.
全科医生 Doctors are sometimes referred to
as practitioners or medical practitioners. (FORMAL)

cavalier with their users’ data

(WITHOUT CARE)/ˌkæv.əlˈɪəʳ/US/-ˈɪr/ adjective DISAPPROVING
thoughtless and not caring about other people’s feelings or safety

He treated me in a cavalier manner.


Highway collision in Afghanistan causes inferno,Leaves at least 73 dead


At least 73 people were killed Sunday when two passenger buses and an
oil tanker burst into flames in a head-on collision in eastern
Afghanistan,health officials said,in one of the worst road accidents in
the war-battered nation.


Many of the dead,include women and children,were burned beyond
recognition and dozens of others were left badly injured in the accident
in Ghazni province,near the Afghan capital,one of the areas worst
affected by the Taliban insurgency.


Our driver was at fault-he was driving too rashly…Most bus drivers
on the highways are known to smoke hashish,opium and other drugs. they
are completely out of control.

Esmatullah,one of the few lucky passengers who survived Sunday’s
crash with minor injuries.



Afghanistan has some of the world’s most dangerous roads,often in
dilapidated condition and traffic rules are seldom enforced.The
Kabul-Kandahar highway passes through militancy prone areas and many bus
drivers are known to drive recklessly at top speeds so as not to get
caught in insurgent activity.Many in the country rely on old and rickety
passenger vehicles,meaning that high casualty road traffic accidents are



Judith Moritz 的报道:

They include taking half of the city’s four million private cars off the
roads on days when there are serious levels of pollution.

Mind map

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  Motorists over 70 are considered to be amongst the safest on the
road。 Many avoid rush-hour and late-night driving and are said to cause
fewer accident-related injuries than younger drivers。

The system will be based on a vehicle’s licence plate – odd numbers will
be allowed on the roads one day, even numbers the next.




  But more of them than ever are being stopped from driving for
medical reasons。 In 2011 just over 10,000 over-70s were banned because
of their health。 By last year, that figure had risen by a third to
nearly 13,000 drivers。

Motor vehicles are considered a major source of pollution.


  The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) says it is not
clear why there has been such a surge in the number of older drivers
losing their licence on health grounds。

The new system will give out four different degrees of air pollution
warning – blue, yellow, amber and red, Xinhua news agency reports.

Violence against doctors in China has become a familiar occurrence.

  Glossary 词汇表 


China is no stranger to hospital brawls(争吵).



Violence against medical staff has made headlines in recent years,
underscoring strained doctor-patients in China.



Medical professionals across China are increasingly becoming victims of
physical violence at the hands of disgruntled patients.



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